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And then, of course, there's Hercules! A hunk of a demi-god who fights for the oppressed against the gods who are usually Hera and Ares. To learn more about him go visit this site:
Vicki's Tribute to Hercules/Kevin Sorbo

He was the one who showed Xena to end her evil ways. Once enemies, then lovers, now friends, together they are the people's hope in a time when the ancient gods and warlords were cruel and vindictive. They were the heroes of the golden age who fought for the "greater good." Battle on! Yiyiyi!

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Opps, I almost forgot to mention myself? I am Yadira, the mistress of this page, 21 years old living in the "Big Apple". I'm a major Xena fan, as if you couldn't tell, and to put it quite frankly, I quite enjoy seeing a man get beat up by a woman. HA! But don't be fooled by my hardcore appearance, for I am sweet, sensitive, friendly, and caring. I love fantasizing about adventure, mythological beings, love, and the universe. That's why I watch programs like Xena, Hercules, StarTrek Deep Space Nine and Voyager, Gargoyles, and Charmed. I hope you'll enjoy the rest of my site, please tell your friends about it. Take care and Blessed Be!

JEM & The Holograms

Hey remember the 80s cartoons? If so, you know "JEM." With excellent episodes, lovable characters, and cool songs, "JEM" was the greatest cartoon of them all! I know you guys remember the great theme song of JEM, don't ya? Well there are many more songs that you guys would love to hear again. Fortunately I have found a place that offers just that and you can download as many songs as you want, just click on the JEM image above which I got from Fudge, the webmaster from that fantastic site! Go and relive your childhood.

Don't you guys wish that we can all see JEM again? I certainly do. There have been efforts to get the show back on the air, but we need more help. Write to your networks and ask them to remember how great JEM was and how much we all want to see it again. It's "showtime, Synergy!"


Wicca is the old religion that is devoted to the Goddess and her God. It is a nature religion that respects and utilizes the powers and energies of nature and the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

You must unlearned what you have learned about Witches and their religion. It is not about evil or the worship of demons and the devil. On the contrary, it is about love. Wiccans must respect and accept into their hearts the Wiccan Rede, "An it harm none, do what thou wilt." The spells and rituals performed by Wiccans must not in any way harm someone or themselves. Instead they do their magic to help themselves and others in a positive way using positive energies. Most of the time, Wiccans do perform their spells and rituals depending on the phase of the moon and where the planets are aligned.

Current Moon Phase

Wicca is truly a beautiful religion. To learn more about it, click on the linked site below and enter the world of Wicca.



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